Friday, January 2, 2009

One Week to Go!

Happy New Years! Only one week until I leave for Uganda! It still doesn't seem real. I am not sure it will hit me until I get on the plane...and then there's no turning back! After several weeks of shopping, and a couple of shopping sprees this past week, I think I finally have everything I need for the trip. I am still waiting on a couple of books from amazon, crossing my fingers that they will arrive in the next week. We'll see. But I have bug spray, suncreen, shirts and skirts, sandals and other summery yet comfy shoes, a huge duffel/suitcase thing, all sorts of medicine, my shots...the list goes on. To make sure I didn't forget anything, I made a packing list which was the entire front side of a piece of notebook paper...but I have at last crossed off pretty much everything, and it all seems to fit in the suitcase, which is a good thing.

Mostly now, it's a waiting game. Each day brings me one more day closer to departure. I am trying to hang out with my family and friends before I leave, getting in my goodbyes. I am trying to see movies in the theater because there are so many good ones right now. I am drinking as much coke as possible because I love it and am not sure how many opportunities I will have to drink it while I am there. I am going to the gym, doing my best to get my knees as strong as possible before I go since I have had problems in the past. Lastly, I'm doing some reading to get mentally and spiritually prepared.

My dad told me he has two children who like to take risks. If you know the family, you'll know what he means. I am the child who takes calculated risks...but it still scares me. This is definitely the biggest leap away from home and my comfort zone that I have ever taken...but risks are generally profitable. I am pretty sure this is going to be the experience of a lifetime.

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