Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Stories of the Month

An Illustration of my over-all learning experience in the IMME headquarters
Geoff: Ah, YES. You guys… [silence, as we all turn around]
Me: What is it? [extended silence as Geoff looks thoughtful and smiles]
Geoff: I can't believe I haven't realized it before. JESUS is the gospel. And I've never let that be enough. It' all about Jesus! Ahh! [thoughtful silence]
Laura: Can I fix your collar?

A Better-Articulated Sampling of Tea-Time discussions
Ugandans don't like the rain. Mosquitoes make more babies when it rains. And it's wet. I used to think that was why they all disappear when it rains. Now I know better.
Suzan: In Uganda, when it rains people make babies. Is it like that in America?
Me: So…people make babies when it rains cuz there's nothing else to do?
Suzan: Yes, so they just make love instead. But what do Americans do when it rains?
Me: I think they're too busy making money to make love, even when it's raining.
Followed by a Suite Life of Zack and Cody high five with a passing friend.

A Window into my Home Life
So Michelle and I were sitting in our room talking about God and trying to figure out the line between pluralism and being open to how God works. Michael walked in and asked us if we know anything about manure. Because he learned about the chemical process for making it in school that day.

Why I share These
Because the gospel and collars, malaria-carrying mosquitoes and love-making, and God and manure just kind of come up side by side all the time. Proof that life isn't as nice and compartmentalized as we'd like. Plus, it's pretty hilarious. There may be funnier ones, but these are some of the more recent ones that came to mind to share.

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